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Riverside Wellness is dedicated to providing access to high-quality medicine for Missouri patients.

Riverside Wellness Mission

Patients come first.

Riverside Wellness is wholly committed to providing patients in Missouri the highest level of compassionate care by sourcing the safest, cleanest and most effective forms of medical marijuana while providing thorough educational access for patients to ensure effective treatment for their issues. Simply stated, we put patients first.
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Chronic Pain Treatments

Providing alternative treatment for many chronic issues.

Chronic Pain Treatments

Proud to Serve Missouri

Helps depression

Right now, researchers share that possible benefits include the restoration of “normal” endocannabinoid function and mood stabilization.

Treats glaucoma

Studies have shown that marijuana can lower eye pressure, both generally and in people that suffer from glaucoma.

Increases appetite

Medical cannabis is one of the most reliable medications for boosting appetite.

Reduces headaches

Some research shows that it may help ease migraine symptoms or possibly keep them from starting.

Improves sleep

Many in the medical marijuana community refer to cannabis as an effective treatment, with little to no side effects, for a range of sleeping disorders.

Eases Parkinson's

Pre-clinical work shows that cannabinoids may protect brain cells through antioxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanisms.
Proud to Serve Missouri

Alternative treatment for chronic issues.

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Committed to Sustainable Solutions

Riverside Wellness Support Cultivators who have:

Low Carbon Footprint

Pesticide-Free Cultivation

Verified Genetics

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